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Personalized Comfort Dog Harness

Personalized Comfort Dog Harness

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Personalized Comfort Dog Harness
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The Personalized Comfort Dog Harness

  • Custom Identification  - Personalize your dog's name & phone number ensuring they will quickly be identified
  • No more neck strain - Gently guide your dog as the harness distributes any force across their chest and shoulder
  • Easy to put on and off - quick and conveniently get your dog out the door by sliding over the head and fasten the clip that's it

Jack's Review:

  • Strengths: Extremely comfortable Fit + Great Looking Identification Badge - straps are perfect width to avoid too much tension in any spot
  • Weakness: Missing chest leash clip - for dogs that love to pull on walks or dog sled breeds this harness might encourage extra pulling.

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