About Us

We were really frustrated. 

Our lovely dog Jack just chewed through another dog bed after chewing through another generic dog chew after that. We looked at ourselves and concluded poor dog just gets bones from here on out because he destroys everything. 

So, we began searching and seeking what are quality dog chew toys. After lots of experimentation we started finding a few. Then we kept going and found some other fun things along the way like high quality dog harnesses, personalized collars, dog beds among a few others. 

 So, we decided to create Jacks Dog Co.

We only sell items our dog already loves.

We like to think of ourselves as sort of parents that already learned what works and doesn't then we share our learnings with you. 

We really hope you enjoy everything at Jacks Dog Co and if you have any reviews we'd love to hear what you think about the products or if you want to contact us for any reason feel free to email us info@jacksdogco.com 

Oh we almost forgot.

We might be biased, but we think Jack's a pretty cute dog!